4 Morning Routines To Set Your Day Up For Success

From eating breakfast to implementing a morning meditation, everyone seems to have their own opinions on the best way to start the day. We at Sora have pulled from different sources (along with our own) to come up with four morning routines to start implementing into your own. These routines, you may or may not already be doing, will leave you feeling more alert, energized, and ready to tackle anything that may come your way:


1. Wake Up Early

One common habit that most successful people share is waking up early. CEOs and entrepreneurs regularly advocate starting the day early. While the world soundly sleeps, your self-control and focus are at their peak. Not to mention, your distractions are minimal in the morning (as long as you stay unplugged from your phone). Founding father, Benjamin Franklin’s morning routine of waking up at 5AM every day is actually well-documented. Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, is an early bird as well and rises out of bed at 4:30AM (WHAT?! We know… we know…). With minimal distractions occurring in your morning, this time is ideal to set your day’s schedule, make yourself a well-balanced breakfast, and maybe even get a workout session in to naturally boost your energy. While 5AM wake-ups may not be feasible for most, the most important thing to focus on is getting quality sleep.

2. Meditate

Have you given meditation a try? Meditation is becoming very popular these days and is more mainstream now than it ever was before. Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO, and Oprah are just a few examples of successful people who utilize meditation. Oprah has reportedly said  that meditation fills her with “hope, a sense of contentment and deep joy.” Now, who doesn’t want to feel that?!

Yet, there are still plenty of people who have yet to experience meditation’s benefits! Why is this the case? Well, many have the misconception that meditation requires a large chunk of time. However, the positive results of meditation can be felt after only 5 to 10 minutes. By incorporating 10 minutes or less of meditation into your routine each morning, you’ll start your day with a calm and clear headspace. There are even meditation apps or FREE guided meditation YouTube videos to help you along the way!

How to Meditate: https://www.wikihow.com/Meditate

3. Take a Moment for Gratitude

We at Sora believe that people who express gratitude daily are more likely to be happy and successful (and Harvard agrees with us). Starting your day with gratitude gives you a boost to start your day as a reminder of the good in your life and why you're getting out of bed in the first place!

John Paul DeJoria, billionaire and co-founder of Paul Mitchell, begins his day the same way, regardless of where he wakes up. "Doesn't matter where I'm at… The very second I wake up, I stay in bed for about five minutes and just be." During those 5 minutes of “just being,” he focuses on being truly “present” in the moment and on what he is grateful for.

4. Exercise

Please understand that this isn't about sculpting an immaculate body or preparing for an Ironman. Just seven to fifteen minutes of exercise in the morning is enough to rush your brain with endorphins to help wake up your body and provide a boost of productivity throughout your day. Don't get us wrong, dedicating time to formally working out is extremely beneficial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle (and we especially hope you come to Sora for that), but briefly getting your heart rate up in the morning is a great way to activate the left and right sides of your brain, which in turn helps boost ideas and productivity!


Countless CEO's, entrepreneurs, and generally successful people make it a point to incorporate exercise in their daily routines and swear by its wide-ranging benefits. Oprah commits to doing at least 15 minutes of exercise as she claims that it increases her productivity and energy levels. Barbara Corcoran, founder of The Corcoran Group and shark on Shark Tank, works out for an hour every other day and even jogs to the office (what a beast - we love her).

If you’re having trouble thinking of way to get creative with a short, morning workout, try going for a brisk walk around your neighborhood or check out online for FREE morning workouts.